Adfinis SyGroup

Be Smart - Think Open Source

As Open Source professionals, we offer a wide range of services and solutions from a single source.

Open technologies and standards are our key to innovation.

With our customized offer we have the optimal solution for every IT area.

Our Path

Foundation of Adfinis SyGroup

The two companies Adfinis GmbH and SyGroup GmbH were founded in 2000. With the merger in 2012 to form today's Adfinis SyGroup, we have established ourselves beyond the Swiss borders as a leading service provider in the open source environment.

Our employees and our community

At our locations in Berne, Basel and Zurich, we now employ a team of 55 people who are distinguished by their many years of experience, expertise and professionalism. At Adfinis SyGroup, the software developers work closely with the system engineers and the sales department. In this way, we cover a broad field of specialist knowledge and know how to combine the opportunities of innovation with the tried and tested in our work. In addition, we maintain intensive partnerships with leading providers, communities and manufacturers of open source technologies.

Together with our customers, we drive technology development forward

Thanks to our large network and broad expertise, we can respond quickly to the individual needs and wishes of our customers and thus create the best possible IT environment for everyone. Proximity to our customers is the key to our success. Together with them, we exploit the innovative potential of open source technologies. Customized solutions and services indicate the direction of technology development and open up new opportunities for both our customers and for us.

Open Source as key to Innovation

We rely on freedom

At Adfinis SyGroup, we are convinced that Open Source is the future of technology and we consistently rely on the innovative power of free software. In this context, "free" means much more than "free" and refers to the general meaning of freedom.

Flexible and efficient software development

The open program code turns the mass of all existing open source software into a huge kit that is equally accessible to everyone. Our team uses this kit on a daily basis, making adjustments, extending, improving and supplementing it. In this way we use existing synergies and guarantee fast development times.

Sustainable solutions thanks to independence

In the open source market, customers are free to choose from whom they purchase their products and services. Since there is no dependency on the manufacturer, the choice of options is diverse and the further development of a product is guaranteed in the long term. Instead of binding our customers with software licenses, we prefer to convince them again and again with our professional service and know-how.

The strength of a Community

As Adfinis SyGroup we are part of a worldwide open source community. With the accumulated knowledge and the joint work on free software projects, the Open Source movement is driven by the community. Thanks to this global networking and the bundling of professionalism and expertise, it is possible for us to achieve above-average solutions in the shortest possible time, which are precisely tailored to the needs of our customers.

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