The latest from the world of Adfinis SyGroup

Automated Debian Package Build with GitLab CI

20. March 2017

We’ve decided to use GitLab CI to build Debian packages automatically. GitLab CI allows users to execute tasks based on definable events, such as Git tags. We’ve created a generic...

Performance analysis with strace

4. March 2017

I recently had a customer on the line who was complaining about a script that was running too slowly. It was an import that generally takes several hours. The source...

Adfinis SyGroup wins SUSE Innovation Award

14. February 2017

We are proud to announce that at this year’s SUSE D-A-CH Partner Summit in Munich we were honoured with the Innovation Award in the main category “Technology”. The award is...

Secret Management with HashiCorp’s Vault

10. February 2017

Security continues to be a hot topic in IT. We’ve seen the trend reflected, for example, in the development of a variety of security-related tools, such as Square’s Keywhiz or...

OpenSSH Security

10. February 2017

The configuration of SSL protocols and ciphers on web servers has been the done thing for some time now. It is often overlooked that other services can also be configured...