Quality assurance through commitment

By sharing our knowledge with other experts and supporting other organisations and communities which have made a long-term commitment to the use of open source technologies, we play an active role in the open source community. This is our way of making a contribution to technological development and of helping to further improve upon open source products.

Parliamentary Group for Digital Sustainability (Parldigi) 

The Parliamentary Group for Digital Sustainability promotes sustainable and innovative handling of information and communications technology (ICT) and advocates for public access to knowledge.

Adfinis SyGroup is a partner of Parldigi and makes resources and time available in support of Parldigi's initiatives.

/ch/open - Swiss Open Systems User Group

Since its establishment in 1982, the independent association /ch/open (Swiss Open Systems User Group) has taken up the cause of promoting open and free systems. At the centre of their activities are continuing education and the exchange of information among the members.

Through various events and activities, /ch/open fosters members' theoretical and practical expertise in Linux and other open source software. These occasions also present a fantastic opportunity for networking.

/ch/open is also active behind the scenes. The association is involved in commissions and activities such as eCH, ICTswitzerland and swissICT for open source software.

The comprehensive network of relations creates close contacts in the private sector and with public administrative organisations. As a result, the /ch/open's commitment to open source software is recognised on a broad front.

Adfinis SyGroup has long been a member and sponsor of /ch/open, even represented on the association board by our own Nicolas Christener. We actively support the activities of /ch/open.

OSBA - Open Source Business Alliance


he Open Source Business Alliance – or OSB Alliance for short – is Europe's largest network of companies and organisations that develop, expand or implement open source software.

The goal of the OSB Alliance is to make open source software and other types of open collaboration successful. The OSB Alliance achieves its goals by spreading information, creating positive conditions for manufacturers and users and by actively networking manufacturers, customers and service providers. In this effort, interoperability between different open source systems, as well as proprietary software, plays a particularly important role.

Adfinis SyGroup is a member of the OSBA and in close contact with the individuals and companies central to the OSBA.