LibreOffice / The Document Foundation

LibreOffice: it stands out from the office suite crowd.

We use LibreOffice as our standard office solution and support customers with SLA contracts with the implementation of OpenOffice and LibreOffice. The LibreOffice community is very close to our hearts. That's why we regularly work to give back to the community. Along with the organisation LibreOffice Conference, various employees have also contributed patches to LibreOffice. And we also support the Document Foundation by housing various servers and buildbots on our infrastructure.

Package Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Fast downloads and high availability are the hallmarks of a good package mirror - we strive for nothing less with our package mirror. The mirror is available at and is the official mirror for the following distributors:

  • Arch Linux
  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu

The server delivers about 20 million files and around 6TB of data per month.

Conference Sponsorship

Meeting up and going farther together.

Adfinis SyGroup regularly sponsors open source conferences. Our consultants also contribute to the content portions of various meet-ups. Here is a small sample:

Swiss OpenStreetMap Association 

Open Street Map: more than just maps!

Open data is a subject closely related to open source and one that is very important to us. The Swiss OpenStreetMap Association is an elementary part of the Swiss OpenStreetMap movement, which contributes much to the setup and expansion of free map data. Adfinis SyGroup supports the Swiss OpenStreetMap Association by housing their server infrastructure, and various employees continually provide their edits in order to contribute to the growth of the data.


Aptly Management done the easy way!

Aptly is a wonderful solution for creating and managing repositories. We use Aptly in a wide range of scenarios and have contributed a comprehensive addition in order to significantly simplify the many tasks. The resulting solution is available as PyAptly under the GNU Affero General Public License on GitHub.


Make Foreman configuration as easy as pie! :)

When it comes to commissioning Linux systems, both in-house and for customers, we prefer to use Foreman. In order to make the installation and configuration reproducible and automatable, we've developed a solution capable of imaging large parts of the Foreman configuration with a YML file and executing them, using Ansible, for instance. The resulting software is available as Foreman-YML under the GNU General Public License on GitHub.

Upstream Contributions

We're not just in it for ourselves!

For all of the open source solutions we use, we work directly with the upstream projects. This way, modifications and improvements are added directly. We also use public channels for communication with the projects and help other users with questions in forums, on IRC channels, etc.

Collaborating in Official Bodies and Organisations

United we stand!

Our employees are involved in all types of official bodies and organisations involved with various issues related to open source. This includes, for instance:

  • serving on the jury of the Swiss Open Source Awards
  • membership on the board of the CH Open association
  • partnership in the Parlamentarische Gruppe Digitale Nachhaltigkeit (Parliamentary Group for Digital Sustainability)
  • contributing as experts in vocational training projects in open source

For more on this subject, see here:

Open Source Projects

Projects we've started

Adfinis SyGroup develops solutions that others can also benefit from. We publish these solutions on our GitHub page and are always happy to receive feedback or contributions.

A few selected examples:

  • finja: a tool for searching through large quantities of source code (GitHub)
  • freedomvote: a platform which allows users to compare the positions of politicians and make voting recommendations (GitHub)
  • freeze: a tool for sorting and comparing data structures and objects (GitHub)
  • virtdesk: VDI tools for RHEV/oVirt (GitHub)