Nicolas Christener

"In future, free software will set the tone in IT. We help our customers get ahead of the game today."

Nicolas Christener


Coming from a technical background Nicolas Christener is head of the executing sectors. Thanks to the technical orientation of the executive board, Adfinis SyGroup distinguishes itself as a leading innovator in its field and is at the same time able to strengthen its three core competences Open source engineering & DevOps, 24/7 services & support and open source development.

In addition to his position as CEO and CTO at Adfinis SyGroup, Nicolas Christener is active in the executive committee of CH Open and supports various projects with his expertise. You may also meet Nicolas at conferences and meetups, where he is frequently giving speeches on topics related to free software.

Michael Moser

CCO & Chairman

Michael Moser's career began in 1996 at the Parliamentary Services in Bern. In 2001, he established adfinis GmbH and, in 2012, merged it to create Adfinis SyGroup AG, which evolved to become the leading open source provider in Switzerland.

Today, Michael leads the strategic alignment of the company and is in charge of the Sales & Business Development unit, as well as strategic partnerships.

Outside of Adfinis SyGroup, Michael is president of the administrative board of Entertainment Media Group AG and on the board of directors of the German company Web Media Publishing AG.

Michael Moser

"We use bleeding edge technologies to optimize your IT processes."

Thomas Köchli

"I am proud of my team of total open source pros. Together, we tackle every challenge that comes our way."

Thomas Köchli


In 2005, Thomas Köchli joined the former SyGroub GmbH. Since 2008, he manages the operational activities and the day-to-day business of Adfinis SyGroup.

Furthermore, Thomas Köchli takes care of existing key customers. Alternating between the three company locations, Thomas acts as an important liaison between the different teams. 

Michael Hofer

Head of Services & Linux System Engineer

Michael Hofer has been working at  Adfinis SyGroup as a linux system engineer for several years. As such, he is actively involved in the success of major projects and in the professional relationship management for large customers.

In his position as Head of Services, Michael Hofer benefits from his rich experiences. He acts as connection between the executive board and the technical teams and holds the responsibility for infrastructure and services.

Michael, who is fascinated by technology and an open source enthusiast, is frequently seen at meetups, conferences, and events, where he enjoys interacting with like-minded people.

David Vogt

"With passion and expertise, we develop outstanding solutions and compose tailormade services for our customers.”

Gil Oliveira

"Good service can only come from someone, who sees the world through the customer's eyes."

Gil Oliveira

Head of Support & Key Account Manager

In 2006, Gil Oliveira began working as a first and second level supporter at the former SyGroup Ltd. After many successful projects, Gil finally made the transition to Technical Sales.

As if this new challenge wasn't exciting enough, he now also coordinates the Support team at our Basel and Bern locations as head of the department. 

Sandro Köchli

Board Member

Sandro Köchli assists our customers as Key Account Manager and Solution Architect and is also a member of the administrative board. Outside of Adfinis SyGroup, he contributes to the Pretty Easy Privacy project.

Sandro Köchli

"We win customers over with our capabilities, not through vendor lock-in."