We are the Linux Engineers

As open source pros, we offer a wide range of services and solutions, all from a single provider.

Open technologies and standards are our key to innovation.

With our customised offerings, we have the perfect solution for every area of IT.

Our History

How Adfinis SyGroup got started

Adfinis Ltd. and SyGroup Ldt. were both founded in the year 2000. Following the 2012 merger that created Adfinis SyGroup, we established ourselves as a leading service provider in the open source scene, not just in Switzerland. 

Our employees and our community

At our locations in Bern, Basel and Zurich, we currently employ a team of about 50 employees, distinguished by their considerable experience, expertise and professionalism. At Adfinis SyGroup, our software developers work closely with systems engineers and the sales department. In this way, we cover a wide field of expertise, and we're able to combine the chances of innovation with tried and trusted tools. We also maintain intensive partnerships with leading providers, communities and manufacturers related to open source technologies. 

In collaboration with our customers, we drive technological development forward 

Thanks to our large network and broad set of skills, we're able to quickly address the individual needs and wants of our customers, ensuring the best possible IT environment. Proximity to customers is the key to our success. Together, we're able to access the full innovative potential of open source technologies. Custom-tailored solutions and services set the course for technological development and reveal new possibilities both for our customers and for us.

Open Source as Key to Innovation

We're all about freedom

Here at Adfinis SyGroup, we believe that open source is the future of technology, and we base everything on the innovative power of free software. In this context, "free" means far more than just "free of charge"... it means "free" in every sense of the word. 

Flexible and efficient software development

Open programme code takes the mass of all existing open source software and makes one enormous assembly kit, equally accessible to all. Our team makes daily use of this assembly kit, making adjustments, expanding, improving, and adding to it. In this way, we make use of existing synergies and guarantee fast development times.

Sustainable solutions through independence

On the open source market, customers can freely choose who to procure their products and services from. Since there's no dependence on the manufacturer, the options are endless, and the continued development of a product is guaranteed for the long term. Instead of tying our customers down with software licenses, we prefer to win them over with our professional service and know-how. 

The power of the community

Adfinis SyGroup is part of the global open source community. Through cumulative knowledge and collaboration on free software projects, the community continually drives the open source movement forward. Thanks to this global networking and the bundling of professional skills and expertise, we are able to quickly arrive at outstandingly high-quality solutions, fine-tuned to the needs of our customers. 

Our Partners

As an open source service provider, we serve our customers completely independently of manufacturers and distributors. In order to best serve our customers, we draw on the full range of products available from our reputable partners.