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Homeoffice with tmux and vim

24. March 2020

As I’m forced to work from home on my laptop with no external screens at the moment, I have taken…

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Hello FOSDEM 2020 World

17. February 2020

First things first: Happy Birthday FOSDEM! I was surprised when Nicolas asked me, if I want to join the Free…

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FOSDEM 2020 – main takeaways

8. February 2020

And here we go again. The second year in a row I find myself on a train directed to Bruxelles,…

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Adfinis, Red Hat und Vorwerk zaubern mit Hybrid Cloud und Internet of Things Vernetzung für Küchengeräte

29. November 2019

Adfinis hilft Vorwerk mittels der Implementierung von Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform bei der Integration eines Rezept-Ökosystems in mehr als…

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Effort by Adfinis SyGroup and Collabora bring bits of StarOffice, OpenOffice and LibreOffice to the world of Apple iOS and iPad

6. November 2019

A free / open source office suite within the palms of our hands. Collabora Office is now available on iOS.…

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OpenShift 4 – Learnings aus der ersten produktiven Umgebung

20. September 2019

Seit Anfang 2019 ist Red Hat OpenShift in der Version 4 verfügbar. Die Version 3 (genauer 3.11) ist noch bis…

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HashiConf Europe 2019

11. July 2019

Having spent three days in Amsterdam attending HashiConf EU 2019 we were able to meet interesting people and learn loads…

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The Document Foundation welcomes Adfinis SyGroup to the project’s Advisory Board

23. May 2019

The Document Foundation (TDF) announced today that Adfinis SyGroup – a Swiss FOSS company headquarted in Bern, with offices in…

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Operating SUSE Cloud Application Platform for the Swiss Federal Government

26. April 2019

The recent SUSECON in Nashville had hundreds of great sessions, including 11 on SUSE Cloud Application Platform. In addition to…

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LibreOffice on iOS – some insights

20. December 2018

Together with our friends from Collabora we’re delighted to announce the porting effort of LibreOffice to yet another important platform:…

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