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MariaDB Galera Cluster on Red Hat OpenShift/Kubernetes

23. November 2017

In this blog post we present a solution with which you’re able to operate a MariaDB Galera Cluster on Kubernetes…

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GitLab CI

10. September 2017

In this two-part article, we will take a closer look at the continuous integration functionalities of GitLab CI. The first…

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Decrypt LUKS devices remotely via Dropbear SSH

21. August 2017

Sometimes, when you’re not at the office, and your PC’s sitting there all properly shut down to save on electricity…

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Yubikey Validation Server Setup

9. July 2017

If the YubiCloud is not to be used for the validation of Yubico one-time passwords (OTP), validation servers can also…

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SSL certificate monitoring with Bash

30. June 2017

In order to see in the monitoring tool if and when an SSL certificate is due to expire a script…

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Creating OpenSSL x509 certificates

29. June 2017

There are (still) various servers on the internet that have just an insufficient SSL/TLS configuration or none at all. It…

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Office365, Google Docs or data integrity?

13. May 2017

Clouds are sexy! Set them up instantly, maintenance and care are outsourced, scale resources without assistance, and web solutions now…

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Testing with Pytest

7. May 2017

If you want to test your code in Python, you should take a look at Pytest as an alternative to…

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Connect OpenVPN to the GitLab User DB

2. May 2017

This blog post will discuss how OpenVPN can be connected to the GitLab user database. Data in a Git repository…

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Interpretation of the RFC 2119 in the German language

15. April 2017

The RFC 2119 written by Scott Bradner of the Harvard University in Cambridge, has been interpreted in the German language…

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