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Testing with Pytest

7. May 2017

If you want to test your code in Python, you should take a look at Pytest as an alternative to…

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Connect OpenVPN to the GitLab User DB

2. May 2017

This blog post will discuss how OpenVPN can be connected to the GitLab user database. Data in a Git repository…

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Interpretation of the RFC 2119 in the German language

15. April 2017

The RFC 2119 written by Scott Bradner of the Harvard University in Cambridge, has been interpreted in the German language…

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MSSQL on Linux – the details

11. April 2017

When it became known that Microsoft was going to port MSSQL to Linux, many sysadmins surely thought that it would…

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Web server security

7. April 2017

Where web servers are concerned, there are many options to improve the security of connections, but also to prevent cross-site…

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7. April 2017

Matrix is primarily characterised as a chat protocol. This protocol is designed to link up existing chat solutions such as…

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Rescue disk and multi boot system

2. April 2017

If you work a lot with Linux systems and still set them up manually, you’re familiar with the problem of…

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Automated Debian Package Build with GitLab CI

20. March 2017

We’ve decided to use GitLab CI to build Debian packages automatically. GitLab CI allows users to execute tasks based on…

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Performance analysis with strace

4. March 2017

I recently had a customer on the line who was complaining about a script that was running too slowly. It…

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Secret Management with HashiCorp’s Vault

10. February 2017

Security continues to be a hot topic in IT. We’ve seen the trend reflected, for example, in the development of…

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