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7. April 2017

Matrix is primarily characterised as a chat protocol. This protocol is designed to link up existing chat solutions such as…

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Rescue disk and multi boot system

2. April 2017

If you work a lot with Linux systems and still set them up manually, you’re familiar with the problem of…

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Automated Debian Package Build with GitLab CI

20. March 2017

We’ve decided to use GitLab CI to build Debian packages automatically. GitLab CI allows users to execute tasks based on…

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Performance analysis with strace

4. March 2017

I recently had a customer on the line who was complaining about a script that was running too slowly. It…

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Secret Management with HashiCorp’s Vault

10. February 2017

Security continues to be a hot topic in IT. We’ve seen the trend reflected, for example, in the development of…

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OpenSSH Security

10. February 2017

The configuration of SSL protocols and ciphers on web servers has been the done thing for some time now. It…

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SUSECon 2016

17. January 2017

We visited Washington D.C. with the chameleon and saw a lot of exciting things at the annual SUSECon and above…

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Form validation with Ember.js

10. January 2017

Forms on websites are so ubiquitous and so much taken for granted that they are rarely given much thought. Even…

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Django Girls Workshop Zurich 2017

8. January 2017

Last weekend I had the chance to coach at the Django Girls workshop in Zurich. More than 40 girls came…

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EmberFest Berlin 2017

7. January 2017

Last week we travelled to the hipster capital Berlin to see the latest trends of the Ember.js world at the…

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