Platforms become obsolete. Applications and data remain.

Adfinis SyGroup AG makes sure that your customers' web applications continue to operate without interruption, even after you migrate to a new platform. 

Migration Services

Continuously changing cloud infrastructure

When a hosting or cloud provider grows and evolves, the infrastructure requirements change along with it. Frequently, after a few years of operation, you need to upgrade to a new platform. 

Automated, secure and seamless migration to the new platform 

Adfinis SyGroup makes sure that your existing customers will not be left hanging during the transition. Once the new platform is in place, web hostings, applications and email accounts of your existing customers can be migrated to the new environment using our migration framework, all without any inconvenience to you or your customers.

We plan the replacement of outdated platforms and migrate web hosting subscriptions, including all data, databases, etc. in automated operations. In collaboration with major providers of hosting platforms, we migrate large hosting environments to the latest platforms, worldwide.

Professional support from our experts 

We are specialists when it comes to analysing web hosting customer data and risk assessment. We guarantee efficient migration and help prevent complications following the migration process. Adfinis SyGroup has a global focus in the field of migration and is considered a specialist in large and complex environments. We are also a qualified Odin (formerly Parallels) partner and specialist in migration to the Odin automation platform. 

Our migration framework covers all three phases of a migration project 

Our experts advise and actively support your migration projects, specifically targeting the needs of our customers. These projects can generally be divided into the following phases: 

1. Analysis, risk assessment and design

We analyse our customers' existing environment and provide key information necessary in order to plan the next steps. This includes such information as the number of hostings, their sizes, as well as the precise types and versions of the web applications to be run on them. In addition, the user traffic figures are included for each hosting in order to compile a risk assessment for the migration. Hosting customers can be handled differently in the next phases, based on which risk group they fall into.

Adfinis SyGroup works in close collaboration with all parties involved in order to collate all requirements - technical, process-related or communication requirements - and to present potential approaches.

2. Integrating automation and illustration of the interfaces and workflows

In the second phase, the framework is adapted to the specified processes and the system environment. This includes modules for connecting customer-specific interfaces to the CRM and other systems, as well as intensive testing. 

3. Implementing the migration

The framework of Adfinis SyGroup ensures that the full scope of all hostings is migrated without any issues. This includes the contents of web hostings, databases and email accounts. The system intelligence takes on the task of adapting the configurations of the applications in such a way that they function without any interruption on the new platform. Based on the configuration, after migration, the DNS records are automatically transferred to the new platform, or the final customer is given the possibility of checking the migration result before the final switch.

We are able to implement fully automatic migrations, batch operation or interactive migration, including a check by the final customer, depending on what the customer requests. 


Proximus -  Belgian Mobile Communications Company

Proximus - Belgian Mobile Communications Company