Optimal IT solutions, Based on Professionalism, Experience and Proximity to our Customers 

In software development, our strong suit is in developing customised special applications. We recognise and understand the needs of our customers and develop stable and reliable applications based on these needs. 

Software Projects with Adfinis SyGroup

Adaptions and new developments

Frequently, existing software solutions don't quite match the worker process or the designated operating environment. Or maybe it's time for a completely new IT solution altogether. Either way, our team of professional software development engineers is here to help. 

Our recipe for success 

Thanks to our familiarity with a wide range of technologies and a thorough understanding of our customers' needs, our software specialists are able to develop optimal solutions. At Adfinis SyGroup, we believe it's essential that the requirements and goals of an application should be internalised, both by our employees and by our customers before it is implemented. This is the only way we can offer the customer a solution that delivers what it promises. 

Expertise for every need 

One of the main factors contributing to the success of many of our projects is the proximity of our developers to the systems engineering team. The close collaboration of the two teams results in the creation of applications with high availability, capable of automatically adapting themselves, even in case of sudden growth. Systems across the entire spectrum of architecture, infrastructure and all the way through to implementation can be optimally planned and designed in detail. Through their cumulative expertise, our experts easily create bridges between the most varied systems and connect them with one another. The result is a significant boost to the efficiency and effectiveness of our customers in all sectors. 

A wide range of customers and solutions 

In our software projects, we work with a myriad of customers from all different branches and develop customised solutions for all sorts of applications.

Whether its developing a new solution from the bottom up, expanding an existing application or optimising existing open source products for a specific application – our specialists can run the full gamut.


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Touring Club Schweiz

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Fromarte - The Swiss Specialist Cheesemakers

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Web Media Publishing AG

Web Media Publishing AG

Our Technological Tools

Our considerable experience and expertise in a myriad of technologies enable us to take a flexible approach to the individual wishes and specifications of our customers and to develop software with a high standard of quality. 

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