Carefree IT Management with Managed Services from Adfinis SyGroup

From managing your IT infrastructure to anti-virus services and all the way up to secure data backup, we take care of your needs. Your IT department will have less to deal with, and you'll be free to concentrate on more important things. 

Managed Cloud and Managed System Resources

Outsourcing hardware reduces cost and boosts efficiency

Acquiring and maintaining your own hardware is costly, time-consuming and requires a lot of space. Servers, racks and other hardware have to be housed properly, including the required cooling. And the continuous power supply drives the cost up even more. Without the right know-how, server downtimes are a major problem and practically impossible to manage without external specialists.

Thanks to our IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) products, you can outsource individual servers or entire platforms at our physical data centers or virtual platforms. Along with our SLA products,d you'll receive a carefree package that guarantees sustainable operation.

We manage your infrastructure securely and within Switzerland

Our virtualisation platform (based on KVM- ) is headquartered in Switzerland and allows us to run anything from basic managed servers to large, complex multi-site platforms. Virtual data centers serve as a pool of server resources. This allows us to use the server resources across our entire customer base and guarantee low operating costs.

Along with our object-based SLA offerings, we can assemble a complete package, perfectly tuned to the needs of our customers.

Rates of our virtual data centre at a glance




Basic server

per pc.

CHF 100.00


per GB

CHF 15.00

virtual CPU

per pc.

CHF 30.00

High Performance Storage

per 10 GB

CHF 15.00

Traffic (P95, gbit burst)

per Mbit

CHF 30.00

External Cloud Resources

Adfinis SyGroup strives to ensure optimum efficiency and operational safety in projects. We also work together with cloud providers in order to handle large workloads cost-effectively or to ensure availability between continents.
We provide the expertise for the following vendors:

  • AWS - Amazon Web Services (Amazon Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • IBM Softlayer
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Akamai CDN Services

Hybrid Cloud and Private Cloud

We can handle any or all of your cloud management needs. In conjunction with private cloud approaches, combinations with external cloud resources are a powerful instrument for scaling your infrastructure and platforms. We rely on technologies such as OpenStack, Ceph Storage (Red Hat, SUSE or Canonical), Red Hat OpenShift3, KVM and many more.

Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat OpenStack Enterprise

SUSE OpenStack Cloud

KVM und Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

MaaS von Canonical | Ubuntu

Mailfeed Services 

Rates at a glance

Number of domains

Price per domain and month

1-5 domains

CHF 42.00

5-10 domains

CHF 35.00

10 or more domains

CHF 23.00

 Spam and Anti-Virus Management as a Service

Emails containing malicious code are pretty common these days. They can infect entire IT environments or be used to steal data. Thanks to our mailfeed services, malicious code in emails is detected early on and prevented from initiating an attack on your system. Spam, viruses and the like won't stand a chance, and you'll be able to count on secure email traffic.

Here's how Mailfeed Service from Adfinis SyGroup works

  • When you order Mailfeed Service, our high-availability, flexible anti-spam and anti-virus platform is installed upstream of your email server.

  • All emails are received by our servers, and, once they've been filtered, they are forwarded on to the assigned mail server. The settings can be adjusted individually by domain or by email address.

  • Each email user is able to log on to the system and adjust their personal settings or modify the quarantine (if one is enabled). The login data for the mailfeed service are the same as the login data for the user's own mailbox.

How you benefit

  • Effective Spam and Virus Filte
  • Individually adjustable via the web portal by domain or email addres
  • Flexible maintenance work can be performed on your email address, since we retain your emails for up to three days
  • Thanks to high availability and failure safety, your emails will never get lost again.
  • Our Mailfeed Service does not require any adjustments to your mail server and is very easy to implement

Remote Backup

Data Backup Made Safe and Easy

Unlike data backup on physical hard drives, remote backup means that backup copies of your data will be transferred to the Adfinis SyGroup servers in Basel and Bern over an encrypted Internet connection. This way, our customers' data can never be lost due to hard drives being damaged or stolen. And limited storage space is now a thing of the past. With remote backup, all your data is saved to our servers, automatically and at no risk.

Here's how Remote Backup from Adfinis SyGroup works

Remote Backup Storage from Adfinis SyGroup is physically located in Bern and Basel and allows you to secure any and all data over an encrypted connection. The storage system is continuously being expanded and is subject to strict guidelines for system maintenance.

  • In order to guarantee maximum security for your data, remote backup can only be used in conjunction with the backup scenarios supported by Adfinis SyGroup.

  • Our customers only pay for the service they use. Costs are charge based on the storage range ordered. 

How you benefit

  • Control of the daily backup procedure
  • The storage capacity can be expanded dynamically and flexibly
  • Lost data can be quickly recovered
  • No license fees for the software
  • Secure an unlimited number of servers/host

Rates at a glance

Backup Storage

Price per month and GB

1-200 GB

CHF 1.00

200-500 GB

CHF 0.80

500 GB and more

CHF 0.50

Remote Backup Management

Customers who use our backup software can also benefit from our Backup Management Service. As part of Remote Backup Management, we check and ensure on a daily basis that your backups are completed successfully.

Remote Backup Managment

CHF 50.00/month.*

*Excl. Backup Storage






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