We rise to every challenge - capably and professionally 

Adfinis SyGroup integrates and harmonises systems in complex IT environments. In this way, we ensure that you get the most out of your resources and guarantee maximum efficiency.

Systems Engineering with Adfinis SyGroup

Optimised and standardised system landscapes

Having an issue with your system landscape? Or planning to integrate a completely new system in the existing environment?

To allow your IT environment to operate smoothly and optimally, Adfinis SyGroup first ensures that the individual systems are aligned to one another. We harmonise and standardise processes in collaboration with our customers. The result is individual systems with versatile and multi-purpose applications, as well as lean processes.

Our Services

Introducing new systems

We support you in analysing and defining requirements

Integration of new systems

We ensure that new systems are flawlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure landscape.

Optimising workloads

Unnecessary and duplication of work can be avoided, thanks to the optimisation and standardisation of the system landscape.

Avoiding downtime

We align new systems with the existing IT environment and ensure that established processes keep on running smoothly during and after the integration.

Data integrity

We make sure that existing data is neither damaged nor modified during  transfer and processing. 

From commissioning up to the operation

From the training to the SLA for flawless operations, our services cover the entire life cycle of a product.

How you Benefit

Vendor-neutral strategies  

Our approach is technology-driven. Without relying on commercial manufacturers, we utilise the technological tools best suited to meet the established requirements. In this way, we're able to guarantee the optimised application of a product solution with the system landscape. 

Long-term and sustainable cost savings

Taking an independent approach to manufacturer solutions and standardising the system landscape, as well as creating uniform processes allows for resources to be applied in a targeted and efficient manner. In this way, operating expenses are reduced and long-term, sustainable cost savings are generated.

Project-related expertise

We offer outsourcing of project-related expertise. This way, there is no need to compile specific know-how from scratch. We help you optimise your projects based on our long years of experience. 

Our Expertise

Our team is comprised of certified technicians with a broad skills set and many years of experience. We maintain close partnerships with the biggest enterprise Linux distributions and are one of the top systems engineering services companies in all of Switzerland.  


Today, many businesses have already discovered the advantages of Linux. Some of them rely on the engineering expertise of Adfinis SyGroup.











Partnerships with Linux Distributors and Free Operating Systems in Use 

We maintain close relations with various distributors of open source software. At the same time, we also implement free operating systems such as Debian and CentOS. This versatility allows us to advise our customers without bias to manufactures and retailing partners, always recommending the right product for the right application. 

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