Enterprise Databases

Adfinis SyGroup offers you every kind of service related to integration and the operation of established open source databases. 

MariaDB ad PostgreSQL are among the leading suppliers of open source database solutions. Adfinis SyGroup helps you and your company to effectively increase the productivity of databases, reduce downtimes and to optimally expand your existing resources.

Open Database
Open Database

Under the name "PostgresPURE", PostgresSQL has become suitable for enterprise use. PostgresPURE ist 100% open source and provides the ideal alternative to Oracle databases. Adfinis SyGroup offers you support and assists you with the integration and continued operation as well as with the optimization of PostgresPURE.

Our Services

  • Architecture solutions
  • Performance optimisation
  • Automation
  • Migration support from Oracle or MySQL databases
  • High-availability consulting
  • Maintenance and operation

Enterprise Groupware

Our service portfolio includes different providers of open collaboration software. Together with our partners and customers, we put our full effort into optimising the collaboration within our organisation and within the team.

Other Solutions

Based on a wide selection of open solutions, we aim to cover all the needs our customers have with regard to their IT environment.

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